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What are six month braces and are they for me?

Many individuals have never heard of a great treatment for adults who need or want a simple way to straighten your smile more quickly than traditional braces and even Invisalign treatments. This treatment is known as six month braces. This treatment focuses on the teeth that the world sees when you smile and leaves the rest of your bite (mouth) as it is. Here is a short guide to what expect when going through the treatment process with six month braces. Remember, to really understand the procedure you need to simply ask us about it.

During your consultation, we (your orthodontic team) will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and oral health to determine if you are a good fit for the six month braces treatment. This will involve taking X-rays, intraoral and facial photographs, and impressions of your teeth for use in fabricating models that demonstrate how they fit together. At this point the impressions are sent to special labs that create the braces.

If your dentist determines that you are a candidate for Six Month orthodontic correction (braces), these models will be used by a laboratory to calculate the precision tooth movement necessary to achieve the straightening effects on your front teeth that you desire, as well as where the clear brackets and tooth-colored wires should be placed. This process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your location and the condition and severity of tooth misalignment.

At your next appointment, you will be fitted with the clear brackets and tooth-colored arch wires. Your dentist will fuse the brackets to your teeth by applying bonding adhesive to the enamel surface of your front teeth, as well as to the brackets. The brackets come precisely positioned inside a custom-fabricated tray that enables your dentist to place them exactly where they need to be on your teeth. You can be sure that here at Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics we work hard to make sure you have the treatment you need and also provide you with the highest quality care as well.

After applying the adhesive bonding agent to your teeth and the brackets, your dentist will insert a custom tray onto your teeth and hold it in place to ensure proper seating of the brackets. Once set, the tray can be removed. The adhesive is then hardened using a high-intensity light to ensure that the brackets are secure, after which your dentist will attach the tooth-colored arch wires and adjust them to ensure proper tooth movement.


After the initial placement appointment, you will visit your dentist every four to five weeks for adjustments and tightening of the arch wires until your treatment is complete. These adjustment appointments should last only about 10 to 15 minutes. Once your treatment is complete, the brackets and wires are removed. Just as the name implies the total treatment should be in a six month span. However, each individual’s treatment is different. It might take a little longer for your treatment or even shorten the process a bit bases on your needs.


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