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Your Options for Crossbite Correction

Crossbite Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Palatal Expander Face Mask
Braces for Crossbite Crossbite Surgery

A crossbite occurs when one or more of the top teeth bite inside the lower teeth instead of the outside. A crossbite can take different forms depending on the location in the mouth. It can involve the front teeth (anterior crossbite), the back teeth (posterior crossbite) or both.


Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics has successfully treated countless cases of malocclusion to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We evaluate your crossbite to determine the best method of treatment for you or your child.

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Not only are crossbite teeth aesthetically unpleasing, but they can also interfere with your ability to perform routine functions, such as chewing and talking. Over time, a person with a crossbite may also develop uneven jaw growth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, which cause painful pressure on the jaw, head and neck. People with an improper bite are also more susceptible to decay, gum disease, premature wear of the teeth, bone loss and an unbalanced facial appearance.



Because of the serious problems crossbites can cause, early detection and correction are very important. In many cases, a crossbite and its symptoms are identifiable at a young age, and parents should discuss these signs with their child’s orthodontist as soon as they are noticed. A child’s mouth and jaws are still growing, which makes them especially responsive to orthodontic treatment. Timely intervention can help prevent the existing crossbite from getting worse and an appropriate treatment plan to correct the bite can be identified.


There are many causes for crossbites. For some people, causes can include:

  • •  Crossbite is inherited from a parent
  • •  Delayed loss of baby teeth
  • •  Prolonged use of a pacifier or thumb sucking
  • •  Law Discrepancies
  • •  Long-term mouth breathing
  • •  Oversized tonsils or adenoids


Common crossbite treatments include one or more of the following:

Palatal expander


This fixed appliance is placed on the upper back teeth. Using a special key, the patient can gently and gradually widen the appliance to the prescribed width every day. Over time, the appliance broadens the patient’s upper jaw so that the lower teeth fit properly inside the teeth of the upper arch to create a proper bite. Palatal expansion can happen over a few weeks to a month. Once the successful expansion has occurred, the appliance remains in place to help stabilize the teeth and bones in their new position.


Braces for Crossbite


The types of braces used to correct a crossbite will depend on the degree of the malocclusion. A crossbite primarily caused by tooth alignment may benefit from invisible aligners, such as Invisalign, while more complex cases often require a combination of traditional wire braces and a palatal expander.


Face mask


The protraction face mask device is made of a metal bar that is attached to pads on the forehead and chin. Rubber bands connect the face mask to the patient’s upper braces to gradually move the upper jaw forward. The face mask is removable, which means patients must be diligent about wearing the mask for the prescribed number of hours each day to obtain the desired results.


Crossbite surgery


For adults and severe cases of crossbite, surgery may be required to correct the malocclusion. The procedure involves moving the lower jaw forward and the upper jaw back to bring the bite into proper alignment. Crossbite braces are typically used in conjunction with surgery.


In summary, crossbites can cause a lot of problems in a person’s life. From feeling self-conscious about your smile’s appearance to painful eating and TMJ problems, the long-term complications of a crossbite can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment to correct the improper bite and restore your smile to its ideal position is highly effective. Children with crossbites have very successful outcomes with orthodontic treatment, which is why identifying the problem early is key. Likewise, adults can also benefit from crossbite correction, which typically includes a combination of surgery and braces.


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