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"I have worked in Orthodontics for 34 years and have the utmost respect for Drs. Burrow & Welchel. They are excellent caring Orthodontists with a wonderful, friendly and caring staff! I highly recommend them for your orthodontic needs."


- Jody Lint Brunner

"We love Burrow & Welchel. They have been honest and helpful at every visit. The staff is great and make us feel like we are at home."


- Jonni Sue Hovan

"This is absolutely the best practice! I have had the best experience here and the care my kids have received is high quality and compassionate. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."


- Vanessa Shaller

"My daughter just got her braces on a few weeks ago and I cannot say enough about what a great experience she had. She was quite nervous when we arrived and the staff walked her through start-to-finish everything that was going to happen . . . and that is exactly what happened. There were no surprises and my daughter was totally at ease. The staff is friendly and kind. We were referred by family friends and I would not hesitate to refer this practice to others. Great experience for both the parent and the patient!"


- Laura Walker Armel

"I have two daughters in braces. We love the staff at Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics. My oldest daughter just got her braces off yesterday and we are so pleased with her new smile. I would recommend no where else. A great practice with some great folks!"


- Jackie Davis

"I have had a great experience here. I Love the staff and my smile has given me so much joy! I recommended them to a friend who also got braces."


- Angela Renee Jefferies

"Burrow & Welchel is an awesome practice with a great team of doctors! My son Weston got his braces put on about 6 months ago and he loves them. He has had only one issue with them and we were seen within 2 days to fix it. Thanks Burrow & Welchel!"

- Toni Young Cruickshank

" They are very helpful & really put a lot into making sure you understand the entire process . I'm extremely thankful that my daughter has a team that truly cares. We can't wait for the end results. I'm sure her smile will be as amazing as the people who helped make it possible."


- Jenevie Spooner

"Getting braces for the first time as an ADULT was very hard; however, my experiences with Burrow & Welchel have been so positive!!!! I picked an awesome orthodontist!!!! Dr. Brittney has been my main gal and I just adore her! She has such positive vibes!!!"


- Nichole S Fate

"Honestly the first time I went i was scared, like completely mortified because all my friends made braces sound like the scariest thing in the world but when I got there everyone was nice and kind. The lady that was doing my braces at the time noticed that I was a little frightened and so she started talking to me. We talked about dance, school, and our weekends. I started enjoying going i loved talking to the people because they are so kind. I would recommend Burrow Orthodontics to anyone because they are absolutely great. They also do many wonderful contest where you can win things like gifts cards or passes to Carowinds."

- Michal Lasco

"I have two more appointments until I get my braces off and I can say that the journey was worth it! Back when I started I found out that my brushing was not the best it could've been. The hygienist took the time to talk to me and actually show me how to brush my teeth. I found that they were really helpful and empathetic and I thank them for the smile they've given me. They have a loving staff who love what they do and I believe that it was a privilege to have them fix my teeth. From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!!!"


- Nyar Freeman

"My son got his braces a year ago, and every appointment has been smooth and easy. Pricing was upfront and everyone is so friendly and helpful. We love it there!"


- Jenny Bonack

"Burrow Orthodontics offers professional and friendly service. They are very knowlegeable and keep their patients informed about the process and procedures before they begin. My teenage son feels very comfortable during his appointments."


- Xiomara Liv

"As a new patient who has survived a terrible experience with a previous orthodontist, I was prepared for kind gestures but I was not prepared for the family environment. Welcoming smiles, caring/educational consultations and 3 othrodontists who all know my profile is just the beginning. Trust me when I say this office is one of the best and you will be extremely satisfied"


- Hillary Canliff

"The doctors and staff are very nice and always make us feel at ease. They are also punctual, always taking us when our appointment is scheduled. They also only recommend the treatment that you need."


- Jim Aiello


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