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The Burrow & Welchel Difference

Unrivaled Expertise

Our highly trained and award-winning doctors have over 50 years of combined experience  Recognized as the “Best in Charlotte” Drs. Burrow and Welchel are uniquely positioned to provide excellent care and one-of-a-kind results for each patient. As a professor at UNC for over 15 years, Dr. Burrow continues to stay up to date with the most current improvements and treatment options within the profession.  He also lectures internationally and is the only Charlotte member of the Angle Society – a world renowned group of orthodontist who present and evaluate new research by invitation only.  Our doctors are highly respected and work hard to ensure each patient receives the very best technology, solutions and care available at our practice.

Excellent Quality 

We believe in quality orthodontics over quantity and take an interest in each finished case. At each appointment the doctor will explain to the patient, and parent if present, what occurred during that appointment and what to expect during the next one. We make an effort to finish each case in the appropriate amount of time, while making sure all parties are happy before removal.

Emphasis on Dental Health

We take a large interest in the total health of your teeth. Straight teeth are nice; however we believe healthy teeth come first.  We monitor hygiene at every appointment and explain to the patient if they are sufficient in hygiene practices or where they could improve. If we feel any damage is being done to the teeth, we suggest "timeouts" where the wire is removed and the patient is allowed 2 weeks to get their gums and teeth back to where they need to be. This approach ensures our patients not only leave with a beautiful smile, but a healthy one that will last a lifetime.

Custom Treatment Plans

We differ from other practices with our “team” approach, integrating the expertise of all three highly trained orthodontists into individual treatment plans.  After initial patient evaluations, our orthodontists collaborate in treatment planning sessions to offer their perspective on each case and develop a comprehensive plan that provides the highest level of care to our patients. Each case is diagnosed off of multiple tools including photography and cephalometric measurements to ensure each patient is set up for the most aesthetic and healthy smile possible. The patient’s facial structure profile and soft tissue must also be studied and analyzed to ensure success, and are considered with each custom treatment plan designed by our team.

Complementary Assessments 

There is absolutely no pressure when you come to our office.  Simply book your complimentary consultation and arrive at our office for your first visit.  Our team will greet you with the highest quality customer service and from there you will see the doctor who will perform the exam & talk through various treatment options. There is no cost for this assessment and is a great educational process for patients looking to know exactly what options they do and don't have.

Short Term Limited Orthodontics  

Not all orthodontics takes years to finish. Each case is looked at individually and the patient’s chief complaint is also taken into account. In some cases a patient may only want the one space in the front fixed and some of the other orthodontic issues are not of concern; in these cases we will still fully diagnosis and treatment plan the case, but will also give the patient the option of limited treatment to simply fix the chief complaint. The price would be adjusted appropriately for time.

Top Tier Appliances  

Our practice uses the state of the art clarity advance bracket from the 3M Company. The bracket is a great option for anyone who prefers a clear choice. Unlike the clear brackets before, the clarity advance picks up less stain and has absolutely no metal on the bracket. Along with the clear bracket we use the brand new clear coated wires to magnify the aesthetics! We are also certified in Invisalign, teen Invisalign and incognito (braces on the back of the teeth) to extend our invisible alignment options.

Areas We Service In The Charlotte Area

  • Uptown
  • South End
  • Myers Park
  • Elizabeth
  • Dilworth
  • NoDa
  • University
  • Plaza Midwood
  • Fort Mill & Rock Hill, SC


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