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What To Expect With Braces Pain

When braces will be a part of your orthodontic treatment plan at Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics, it’s important to know what to expect so you’re prepared. Most patients want to know if they’ll deal with braces pain the first day, and they also ask us what to expect after each appointment.

You can expect to deal with some discomfort along the way as your mouth gets used to the appliances and wires in your mouth, although most patients report only mild discomfort. To help you prepare, here’s a closer look at what to expect your first day, throughout the first week, and after every adjustment.

The First Day of Braces

Patients often worry about experiencing pain during the placement of braces, but the procedure is generally painless. You will feel different with the new appliances in your mouth, and some patients notice that their teeth are more sensitive. Eating may take a little longer as you adjust to wearing your new braces. You can make it easier by going with soft foods — such as yogurt, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, soups and shakes. Generally, the discomfort felt on the first day of braces is usually quite mild.

The First Week With Braces

As you go through the first week with braces, you may begin to experience a bit more pain. You’ll probably notice discomfort as teeth begin shifting, and the pressure braces are putting on your teeth may feel uncomfortable and strange. However, this pressure is a sign that your braces are working to slowly move your teeth. At this point, the metal wires may cause some irritation to your cheeks and lips. We’ll show you how to use wax to help relieve and prevent these problems. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen can be used to reduce pain. If your cheeks and lips are irritated, a saltwater rinse may also offer some relief.

What to Expect After Each Adjustment

Braces must be adjusted regularly in order to keep gentle pressure on teeth so they move into alignment. Adjustments will be made when you come in for regular checkups. After the first adjustment to your braces, you’ll probably feel some soreness and pressure. Generally, the first adjustment is the worst, although some patients continue to experience mild pain and discomfort after every adjustment. Expect your teeth to be more sensitive for a couple days, and temperature sensitivity may occur as well. Taking ibuprofen or Tylenol before an adjustment appointment may help reduce the discomfort you experience after an adjustment.

The pain that comes with braces is temporary, and it’s easy to manage your discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medications and wax can help relieve soreness, and saltwater rinses can help relieve irritation to your mouth. Before long you’ll be used to your braces, and the discomfort will fade away. If you have more questions about your braces, give our office a call today. We’re happy to answer your questions. Give us a call at (704) 334-7202.

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