Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics Reviews

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experiences with Our 5-Star-Rated Team

With over 20,000 smiles transformed since 1978, we have received numerous Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics reviews praising our friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our board-certified orthodontists and experienced team.

“I love my orthodontists! The entire team is so pleasant and personable! The staff is efficient and empathetic on “adjustment” days! I love that they thoroughly answer my questions (all of them ). No one gets frustrated and they’re just awesome. As an adult wearing braces-They fully understand that I am counting down the days to be free of this wire in my mouth! Ha ha Ha! When I get my braces off…O’ Happy Day!!!”

Nichole Fatenichole fate 5 star review

“I love how friendly Dr. Burrow and his son are. His son is very handsome and attentive. They are one of the best orthodontists in the surrounding area. I love my smile thanks to them!!! They also work with you if you are having a financial issue. I just love this place!! Dr. Burrow always comes out and greet me. Very friendly and professional staff.”

Felisha Wallfelisha wall 5 star review

“Great people, great place, great service. My braces were put on quickly and flawlessly. I’d definitely recommend them to all my friends!”

Fitch Reichfitch reich 5 star review

“The best orthodontist around. Love the environment, staff, and dentists!! My daughter loved each appointment and always feels loved there! Thank you Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics!”

Jared Hulenjared hulen 5 star review

“My son has received treatment here for past 2.5 years and we were just released today. The experience there has been remarkable to say the least. Staff has been super awesome (special Kudos to Asst Olivia, Dr. Welchel) for taking special care of us. The Accounting department is great at working with you and making sure you get what you pay for. WE are going to miss everyone there dearly and certainly recommend to anyone in need of services. If I’m ever referred for orthodontic are I will be BACK. God Bless your practice and each and every one of you!! If there’s anything we can do to help spread the word we are willing :)”

Shanneal Byrdshanneal byrd 5 star review

“As the oldest patient I’m sure, it’s always a good experience to go in for my monthly checkups and adjustments. Everyone is super friendly and super capable. My teeth have improved remarkably since we began the process in October 2016. I think finally the braces are coming off in a couple of weeks – got to buy some balloons! I’ll sure miss going in . . .”

Ferman Wardellferman wardell 5 star review

“Honestly the first time I went I was scared like completely mortified because all my friends made braces sound like the scariest thing in the world but when I got there everyone was nice and kind. The lady that was doing my braces at the time noticed that I was a little frightened and so she started talking to me. We talked about dance, school, and our weekends. I started enjoying going I loved talking to the people because they are so kind. I would recommend Burrow Orthodontics to anyone because they are absolutely great. They also do many wonderful contests where you can win things like gifts cards or passes to Carowinds.”

Michal Lascomichal lasco 5 star review

“I went for my first checkup and my brushing was not so great. The hygienist took the time to talk to me and actually show me how to brush my teeth. She was really nice about it and Dr. Sam told me not to worry that it takes practice. They are so nice and Randolph the dog is awesome (and cute).”

Spencer VWspencer vw 5 star review

“As I’ve said to many when asked who done my braces, or who’s my dentist. My answer will forever be the same. Burrow dentistry. Two years ago I’ve always hated going to the dentist out of pain and or fear. But I can honestly say when I started coming to Dr. Burrow from that day on. Every visit thereafter has been pleasant, friendly just all around family environment. The entire staff is friendly each and every time I go. They’re all respectful, courteous and eager and willing to help with my needs. I feel special because of the way I’m treated there. And it’s honestly that way every time for over the last two plus years. Coming in for my appointment and leaving it’s the same. I wish Dr. Burrows staff could train other professionals in the medical industry. And people wouldn’t mind paying for such outstanding service. So with that being said yes I totally recommend Dr. Burrows office and staff to all, of all ages. The entire staff has over exceeded to me with every appointment.”

Paula Frazierpaula frazier 5 star review

“Of the orthodontist I’ve been to this was the nicest everyone is friendly and professional and give good tips on how to keep my braces clean. They always tell me what the next step is in my treatment. The doctors are really nice.”

Jada Maconjada macon 5 star review

“I loved the comfortability and the way they treated me and my family. All my brothers and sisters have had their braces done here. And they have always loved people such as Dr. Burrow. They made me feel loved and helped.”

Andi Barkleyandi barkley 5 star review

“Since my daughters 1st appointment, the experience was amazing. Everyone staff has great customer service and are so nice. The doctors do amazing work and make you feel like family. I’m so thankful we found Burrows and Welch orthodontist. My daughter looks forward to her appointments.”

Arlene Vasquezarlene vasquez 5 star review

“I got my on braces about 6 months ago and wow! I have received nothing but exceptional care from the orthodontists. Dr. Britney is so nice as well as Dr. Jack. I am so satisfied with my results thus far and I can wait to be unbelievably surprised when my braces come off. All I can say is, Thank You Burrow Orthodontics!!”

Hayle Joneshayle jones 5 star review

“I have two more appointments until I get my braces off and I can say that the journey was worth it! Back when I started I found out that my brushing was not the best it could’ve been. The hygienist took the time to talk to me and actually show me how to brush my teeth. I found that they were really helpful and empathetic and I thank them for the smile they’ve given me. They have a loving staff who love what they do and I believe that it was a privilege to have them fix my teeth. From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!!”

Nyar Freemannyar freeman 5 star review

“Great service and wonderful staff. We have always received friendly and professional service from every person at the practice. We will miss you when Maddie’s braces come off in 63 days (but who’s counting!!).”

Elizabeth Ouztselizabeth ouzts 5 star review

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Charlotte & Steele Creek, NC & Rock Hill, SC, our team at Burrow and Welchel Orthodontics also provides 5-star-rated orthodontic care to children and adults in Myers Park, Uptown, SouthPark, Elizabeth, South End, Plaza-Midwood & Dilworth, NC, and Indian Land, Fort Mill, Riverwalk & York, SC, and surrounding areas.